Enterprise Manufacturing provides comprehensive solutions for cleaning and safety. Our products range from mops and scrubbers with interchangeable handles to buckets, wringers, and safety signs.

What set us apart from the competition is that we are the only company licensed to manufacture and distribute these patented SYR Clean brand-name products in North and South America. The biggest corporations in the world choose to use our products because they work, they last, they are proven to provide a higher level of safety, and, simply put - they are great value for the money. McDonalds Corporation, Sodexo, Hilton, Pizza Hut, Burger King, and KFC are examples.

However, a business does not have to be a multinational company to become a satisfied customer of Enterprise Manufacturing - far from it. We provide the same level of care, expertise, and customer service to local and regional companies every day.

Located in the heartland of the USA, Enterprise Manufacturing is strategically positioned to provide excellent value for delivery of goods all over the country. Our headquarters is in a smaller town in northwest Missouri, where hard work and high business ethics are the way we've always done business.

Enterprise Manufacturing is a woman-owned business, and we have applied for WBE Certification. Owner and CEO Nicola Rhodes-Young says, "I am delighted to be working out of America's heartland, helping to keep manufacturing in the USA." Originally from Britain and then Canada, Nicola is able to extensively utilize her international contacts and experience as she leads Enterprise Manufacturing.

The future is very bright for Enterprise Manufacturing, as we move forward with a complete new range of products to be launched at the ISSA Exhibition in Chicago in October of 2009.